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Get Petland Credit Card to get Exciting Discounts

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If pet care inflation is affecting your monthly budget, you
must get a credit card that gives you huge discount on pet care products. Today, many people prefer getting a petland credit card because the card offers
several benefits. Some of the benefits of getting the card include:

a) Exciting discounts on Petland products

b) Cardholders get exclusive discounts on Petland brand
products 4 times in a year

c) Twenty percent discount on future purchases when you buy $50
worth of Petland products at least 5 times in year.

d) No annual fee for using the credit card

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Application Process

The application process is simple and easy. You have to spend
a few minutes to fill the application form. Once your application is approved,
you can start enjoying the benefits of the card.

However, to enjoy the benefits of the credit card, you must pay your bills on time.

Who can apply?

You must fulfill the following conditions to get Petland credit card.

i) Have a valid photo-ID issued by government

ii) Must be at least 18 years of age

iii) Have a US social security number


If you are planning to get petland credit card, you must know the charges you have to pay for delayed payment. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for purchases is 29.99% per annum. The minimum interest charges for delayed payment will be at least $2.00. However, you can avoid these charges by paying your bill on time. Your payment due date is at least twenty-five days after the close of your billing cycle.

You will also be charged for late payment and return payment. You can avoid late payment charges by paying “Total Minimum Payment”. This amount will not be less than $25.00. If your total outstanding is less than $25.00, you must pay the total outstanding in full to avoid late payment charges.…