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Why GiveYourCalories Started For Health

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The world produces enough food to feed everyone on the planet, yet nearly a billion people experience hunger. With the Give Your Calories App, Action Against Hunger wants to help restore the world food balance.
Take a photo of your food  and give your calories to those
who need them most.

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The Give Your Calories app uses image recognition and barcode-scanning software to recognize your snack. It displays a preset donation amount based on its calories, which can then be donated via PayPal.
Follow the recent activity of all users, track milestones, and get project updates.
As part of the Give Your Calories community, you’ll get to see what others around the world are giving and receive updates from Action Against Hunger on the global impact of your lifesaving support. So keep up and keep giving!
Stay informed about all of Action Against Hunger’s lifesaving work that this initiative will be benefiting.

The money you donate by scanning calorie-laden snacks will be used around the world to benefit those who need food and clean water the most. Action Against Hunger operates in more than 40 countries and helps severely malnourished children get back to a healthy weight and thrive. By providing long-term agriculture support, income opportunities, and access to clean water and sanitation, Action Against Hunger helps vulnerable communities become self-sufficient for the long run.

Work Up Your Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) For a Good Posture

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he largest of the three muscles that form your back, latissimus dorsi or lats forms an important part of your physical upper body symmetry.

Performing certain exercises that target your Lats can help you boost your metabolic rate and burn a significant amount of calories.

These exercises that are concentrated on the back muscles, help in innervation of Latissimus Dorsi which give your body the right posture.

Even if your aren’t a professional bodybuilder, working on your lats with the basic exercises will bring you good results.


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