The manual toothbrush may not be so effective in helping an individual remove plaque from the teeth. If one can remove plaque without trouble then switching to an electric toothbrush may not be so helpful.


However, the appearance of different brands of electric toothbrushes is only a pointer to one thing, that the manual toothbrush may not be as effective as it is expected. The electric toothbrush therefore fills the void left by the manual toothbrush. This void can be looked at in form of the advantages of using the electric toothbrush. These may be as follows;

    • Have higher rate of plaque removal mechanisms with highly powered oscillatory mechanism and cleaning power. The manual toothbrush which is controlled by the power of the user may not clean as well as the electric toothbrush. In this regard, the electric toothbrush brings better oral health to the user. It is the plaque which usually causes bacterial infections and eventually leads to cavities.
    • Appeal-The manner in which most of them are made to look like toys can be one area why they are effective on children. They have an appeal which is nice to the child making him to have more interest at using it. Electric toothbrushes are therefore good companions of young children.

  • They are gentle to the gums- because of the user timer and the nature of the brush bristle used in most of them, the electric toothbrush does not injure the gums. The gum is the focal point and determines the stability of the teeth.
  • User friendly- the manner in which an electric toothbrush requires no meaningful effort makes it a preferred mode of brushing for even those who are sick, feeble and weak.
  • Gives the best flossing experience and as a result ensures that the user ends up with the whitest and appealing teeth.
  • Most of the electric toothbrushes come with an option of replaceable head. This is both economical and pocket friendly.

The beneficial nature of an electric toothbrush can only be best seen when one compares an electric toothbrush to the manual one. The distinctions will be as clear as daylight, likely pointing towards the benefits of an electric toothbrush.

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